Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feline Fido

My name is Julie and I am the owner and designer of all the handcrafted items you'll find on and I started Feline Fido Pet Designs in 2006 in an effort to combine some of my biggest passions...animals, fashion and awareness for causes that have made an impact on my life or those that are close to me. I'm proud to offer products for the 'fashionably aware pet' and love to promote awareness through my unique, handcrafted, pet collars, leashes and key fobs.

I left my corporate job in 2007 to run my online dream business full-time. There is nothing more rewarding than working for yourself, doing something you love and putting your creative energy and thoughts to good use! During this time I have expanded my line of products for breast cancer awareness, autism awareness and spay & neuter.

I am currently working hard to promote my autism awareness pet products to help raise awareness for autism AND to help a 3 year old boy in a remote area of Alaska obtain his autism service dog. Trapper was approved for an autism service dog several months ago but needs to raise $13,000 in donations for the organization to provide care and special training for his new miracle dog. Over the past few months, I have learned so much about Trapper and his family and found a friendship that I hope will last a lifetime in Trapper's mother, Jami. It's amgazing what the internet can two mothers from opposite sides of the country can learn so much about one another and share so much as if they have known one another for a lifetime.

Even though I have yet to meet Trapper or his family in person, I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to this special cause, and for the lessons and experience I have presented through the words of Trapper's mother, Jami. This is one family that really appreciates the thoughts, inspiring words, opportunities, prayers and of course financial support that their local community and those from afar have offered to them. They inspire me and I'm thankful to them for that.

Thanks Julie! To visit Feline Fido please click on the photo. Have a great day everybody, thanks for stopping by.